Selling medical supplies can be quite an interesting and lucrative job. You can choose to operate independently and buy supplies for resale or opt for a job working as a medical rep. As a rep you will usually earn a commission-based salary and will have some serious sales targets to meet. There is a lot of competition in the field but you can stand to make a good salary. The upside of this kind of work is that the more effort you put in, the more you get out – instead of the normal nine to five job where you only earn your monthly salary and no more.

Although you do not need a college education, it will give you a bit of an edge. Look into the business field and also consider getting some form of nursing qualification in order to get a better understanding of the industry as a whole.

You should also take full advantage of any on the job training that may be offered to you. You may need to star off at the bottom of the food chain in a large organization but the experience garnered will be extremely valuable for you in future. Check for positions open in the major medical supply companies.

Should you not be able to get a job in the medical sales industry, apply for other sales positions in the interim. Whilst these may not be your ideal line of work, you will get good experience when it comes to the actual selling of products in general. When it comes to sales, selling a baseball bat and selling medical supplies are very similar – the basic principles of selling are the same across multiple industries.

Continue to hone your skills and do not give up on your medical sales job. Keep applying and you will get some people phoning you for interviews. It is a good idea to properly and thoroughly prepare yourself for the interview. Dress in a conservative, smart manner and have proof of your qualifications on hand. Do some background research on the company at hand.

When it comes to the actual interview, answer the questions asked in an open and forthright manner. Be sure to consider the questions properly before answering and do not be afraid to ask for the questions to be rephrased if you do not understand them.